Autechre – Quaristice
PIL – This Is What You Want….This Is What You Get
JK’s 80s Mix
Wilco 2/18/08
Wagonwheel Blues – War on Drugs
Clinic – Do It!
Lil Wayne – Tha Carter 3
The Cool Kids
Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue
The Black Kids – Partie Traumatic
Even with over 10 hours in the car to and from Traverse City, I didn’t listen to a whole lot music.
…maybe go to Sea World, take my pants off…….
Ken Lynchisms and wordly views including the hits “It’s all that asshole [Jimmy] Carter’s fault” and “Why would UofM pursue a coach under contract” also featuring “They’re now using R19 instead of R17” as well as “Jump in the plane with the clubs in the back and be down to Florida in 5 hours.”
MGMT – Oracular Spectatular
RUNNING MIX: featuring such gems as Ride Like the Wind (yeah), Tonite (Quik) and Fuck ‘Em All (yep, 5th Ward baby)
Black Angels – Directions to See a Ghost
Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Grateful Dead – One From the Vault