Opeth: Watershed
Radiohead: Kid A
Atmosphere: When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold
Into the Wild Soundtrack
Justice: Cross
Phish: Billy Breathes  – Yes, I am still holding out hope – they’re all still alive, why not.  On my wish list they’re second only to The Smiths and just ahead of Oingo Boingo…Zeppelin and Pink Floyd following right after.  Reunion tours.  Everyone’s doin’ it.
The sounds of a Tigers near-comeback against The Tribe but ultimately the sound of Justin Verlander’s league leading 14 losses.
Dusty Libido: Deep Rooted – Will Riley recognize his brother’s voice through the wall?  We’ll see….nope.
Prince: Ultimate Disc 1 – Dude is still brilliant. 
Frank Allison:  Log Rhythms of Love – Frank is awesome, now we just need some live shows, it’ll be like 1993 all over again!
Does It Offend You, Yeah: You Have No Idea….