Wilco: the album

UR/Interstellar Fugitives: Destruction of Order

Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band: Live Bullet

Hellborg/Lane/Sipe: Temporal  Analogues of Paradise (RIP Shawn Lane)

MMW: 10/18/07

Wilco: 10/7/07

GD:  9/27/76

Phish: 12/3/94 Willllllllson!!!!

Wild Beasts:  Two Dancers

Yacht: See Mystery Lights

Sunno))) : Monoliths and Dimensions

Phish: Joy (Welcome back boys!!!!)

808 State: Utd. State 90

Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend

Buckethead: BucketheadLand vol. 2

Be Your Own Pet: Get Awkward

Blonde Redhead: 23

Brian Eno: Music for Airports

Carl Craig: Fabric 25

Phish: 10/30/09, 10/31/09, 11/18/09, 11/20, 11/21

Beatles Remastered (Stereo): Magical Mystery Tour, Please Please Me

Wilco: 7/21/09 (Royal Oak Music Theater)

100.3 WNIC[K] Christmas Music!!!

WSP: Space Wrangler

Monster Magnet: Live 12/7/08