Well, I’ve been rocking a Droid 1.0 for 2 years.  My initial upgrade?  The much heralded and much delayed Droid Bionic.  I bought that bad boy shortly after it’s 6-month delayed release, used if for 45 days and returned it.   The 4G is an absolute power-suck, the shape edge made talking painful and in general, I was slightly disappointed with the phone.  What did I love?  Removable battery.  Dual core was fast.  The updated Android OS was nice.  Big, fat screen, with decent resolution, I loved that it could hotspot but I never used it.

What did I dislike?  Terrible speaker volume, uncomfortable ear piece, hang-ups – occasionally the phone would lag between screens, apps firing, etc. it also did a few auto-shut downs which sucked.  I didn’t think a camera could be worse than my original Droid.  I was wrong.  The camera on the Bionic was terrible.  Again – I thought my Droid 1.0 was bad on juice (always had a second battery) but this bad boy would be drained by 2p (with a 6a fire up time).

So I returned it and bought the Nexus Galaxy.  What a phone. ICS takes some getting used to but the functionality is silly, the ability to toggle between multiple screens/apps/widgets all from a single touch, massive display, crisp resolution, removable battery…

…what I can’t stand.  GPS and Data connectivity has been spotty at best, beyond just this morning’s issues for Verizon, Google Voice is still funky on install, failing to download all of my contacts out of Gmail. Come on guys, it’s a native app – boo.   So my biggest issue = For a phone to be smart, it requires data access, without it, we might as well be using flip phones.

More to come.  Maybe.